Fue Hair Transplant Methods



There are 3 methods of FUE Hair Transplant operation. We can use this 3 methods succesfully. Our doctor Gökhan Gür is a very experienced doctor in all three FUE Hair Transplant methods.

1500 grafts available
3000 grafts available
5000 grafts available in two sessions (in two days surgery)


1) In Unshaving Fue Surgery we only shave small part of back hairs. If you have long hair donor area can not seem and it will help you to hide your donor zone. Because of we collect grafts from small part of your donor zone daily maximum greft number is 1500. 

2) In Partiel Shaving FUE Surgery we shave all your donor zone but we dont't shave your top hairs. This Fue Method help you to hide your donor zone. All of scrabs that occur after hair transplant surgery can be hidden in that methods. It will help to our patient hide hair transplant operation. In one day 3000 graft can be used.

3) In Classis Fue Surgery we shave all of your hairs and in one day's operation 3500 grafts can be used.

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