Side effects of Hair Transplant Surgery

If you have a hair loss you have decide to do or not to do. Also there is a lot of wrong information. You may heard some of them. Here is a list of side effects of hair transplantation.

Side Effects of Hair Transplant Surgery

There are some that are common, while some are uncommon; some are temporary and some last for a longer period of time. We’ve enumerated below most common side effects are discussed here:

1. Hair Shedding

After hair transplant operation you think your hair start to grow. But in real first 3 month youe transplanted hair will be fall. They will fall and rise again. This progress take 3-4 month. After 4 month your transplanted hairs start to rise.

2. Bleeding.

Bleeding is a part of hair transplant surgery. It’s so normal. In hair transplant operation bleeding is so normal but it stops after the operation. Don’t worry it’s so normal.

3. Infections

Infection is a important risk in hair transplantation. If you have a good doctor, if you use your pills regularly everything will be fine.

4. Pain

You may afraid of pain. In real you don’t feel any pain during the operation. You feel some local anesthesia injections but after that you don’t feel anything.

5. Itching

You may feel some itching on your head but there is regeneration in your skin, veins, cells. This is the cause of itchy feeling. Don’t be afraid it will be pass.

6. Swelling

Because of local usage there will be swelling. That’s so normal. A lot of our patients problems will pass in 3 or 4 days. To prevent swelling we give you a tennis players band. It will keep you safe. Also your posture is so important. We will tell you everything.

7. Scarring

In FUT method there will be scars but in FUE hair transplant there is no scars. Everythiğng will be fine after 10 days.

9. Cysts

In Gur Hair Transplant there is no Cysts. Dr. Gokhan Gur is one of the best hair transplant doctor in the world.

You see there is some rare side effects of hair transplantation surgery. There is some useful information to avoid the side effects of hair transplantation.

1) You have to check doctor’s medical license. If there is no doktor you have to avoid that placesi.

2) Check the doctors role in the operation. There is a lot of places who don’t have any doctor. Also there is a lot of places doctors role in the operation is observing. You have to find hair transplant clinic with doctor who do the operation himself.

3) There is a lot of places that give you amazing graft number. 5000-7000 for example. It will be amazing but in real that is not real number. After 3000-3500 grafts your skin start to heal late. Also most of the transplanted hair don’t grow. In that reason don’t trust them.

4) Ask them their standards in the operation. For example they will use ISHRS standarts.

5) Ask the doctor if he is ISHRS member.

6) Ask the clinic in one day how patients they take.

We give you a private and safe place for hair transplant. We take only one patient in one day. Also we will think and do everything best for you.

If you want a hair transplant please contact us.