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PRESS RELEASE Gur Hair Transplant


Istanbul is not only recognised with its world-famous Bosphorus Bridge any more. It is the first

city comes to mind in hair transplant operations globally. Moreover, one in every five people in the

world travels to Istanbul for medical tourism to undergo a hair transplant procedure.

If you surf the internet and use search engines, you will come across with an enormous number

of advertisements, clinics, hospitals, doctors and even non-doctor persons and agencies

promoting their services to local and international patients. So, if YOU are considering to come

to Turkey to have your hair transplant operation done, what do you need to know and beware


Dr. Gokhan Gur, one of the pioneers in the Turkish hair transplant industry, is a highly experienced

Turkish Medical Doctor who realized over 2500 hair transplant operations personally in the last 15

years that he has been implementing the FUE technique. Dr. Gur´s recommendations to those

who are trying to make a decision with the online information available are:

1. “First thing first, you MUST research the doctor. Unfortunately, in Turkey there are many

clinics operating without doctors, many hospitals where doctors do not even see their

patients let alone making the operations themselves, and establishments which are

commissioning the hair transplant procedures to nurses or technicians. Simply put, you

must ask the doctor´s name and stay away from those that are not able to provide you

with a name”.

2. “Once you are given the doctors nameme, you MUST find out if the doctor only supervises

the transplant operation or personally performs it; or which stages of the operation

(consultation, design, extraction of the grafts, opening of the channels etc.) the doctor


“You should ONLY consider getting your hair transplant done in places that pass these two



As a Medical Doctor who realizes all surgical and aesthetical stages of a hair transplant

operation himself, Dr. Gur has created two important quality standards:

1. Golden Hand Standards: These standards help minimize the possibility of graft

damage during the extraction and configuration phases, and enable a homogeneous

extraction from the donor area which results in obtaining the most natural look possible

in the recipient area.

2. Under 1mm incision holes: These standards practiced by using transplant slits smaller

than 1mm diameter allow to open very small incision holes and as a result achieve a

natural looking and high quality result that even a hairdresser cannot differentiate the

transplanted hair from the patient's own hair.


Dr. Gur meticulously practices these two standards on each and every patient. Therefore, he

does not perform hair transplant operations over 3000 grafts in an 8-hour long operation in one



With the explanation of these two important standards, Dr. Gur also warns patients about the

online advertisements that are promising very high number of graft transplants in one day for low