Man Type Hair Loss Causes

Man type hair loss have a lot of causes and a lot of hair loss types.

Reason of hair loss are typical separated by three: Genetic reasons, Lifestyle factors and Skin Conditions

Let’s investigate this factors together.

1) Genetic factors: Most people believe main reason of hair loss is stress but it’s not true. Main reason is your genetic conditions. If your father, grandfather etc. have hair loss this means you probably have a hair loss too.

2) You are getting older: When you are 30 you hair starts thin and going to fall down. It is natures balance and it’s hard fighting that hair loss.

3) Eating habit: As you guess eating habit is another important factor on hair loss. Sudden weight loss, low iron level, having fewer vitamins may cause hair loss. To avoid this you should be care your foods and you should choose foods that are include protein, vitamin, iron and zinc.

4) Stress: Another important factor is stress. You should lower your stress. Of course it is not possible to have a stress free life nowadays but you should lower your stress level.

5) Damaged hair roots: We know you use a lot of products to have a beautiful hair but these may damage your hair too. You should wash your hair everyday if use these products or your hair may start to fall.

6) Skin problems: You skin problems may hurt your hair follicles. In that reason you have to cure your skin problems not to have hair loss. You can use medicated shampoo to avoid skin problems.

7) Infection: Scars on your head may be infected and this may cause hair loss too because your hair follicles be affected on your infected scars. Also you should visit a doctor.

8) Man Hormones: Your testosterone level may impact your hairs too. Too much testosterone may cause hair loss.

9) Heart disease: Studies involving over 40,000 men suffering from baldness showed up to 70% had an increased risk of obtaining a cardiovascular ailment.

10) Prostate cancer: Other studies show a link between the two, as some doctors are using data from these trials to determine early baldness as a clinical indicator of risk for the disease.

11) Hair Transplant: Hair transplant is only successful solution to man type hair loss. Your hairs from back of hair are collecting and transplanting your empty areas. In that reason your transplanted hairs will never fall again. In first operation max 3500 grafts can be transplanted. After one year in second operation half of 3500, 1750 hair follicles can be transplanted and in third operation 875 hair follicles can be transplanted. After you make a hair transplant operation you will have more bushy hair and your hair looks naturel.

12) As a Gur Hair Transplant we do Fue hair transplant for 16 years and we have a 6000 patients in that time. We promise you will have a bushy hair and your hairs look completely normal. 

13) If you want fue hair transplant please contact us we are here to help you and we want to make you happy.

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