Kerem Review

I use motorcycles for eight years and eight years is always a short cut on my hair. My girlfriend wanted me to extend my hair to make it change and I did not touch my hair for three months.

My condition when I extend my hair it was disgusting for me because my hair was diluted in some regions I was wearing a hat because it was bad for me to look bad. I thought that it might have an effect on nutrient supplements that I used from doing sports.

My friend mentioned hair transplantation while I was in the gym again. I was searching for a name on a friend's recommendation from the sports hall and was able to get to it. The doctor GÖKHAN GÜR professionally told me that I could easily explain the process and come from above.


Our last week's operation took place I can tell you that I feel much better even if my hair has not come out yet. You should definitely visit the GÜR hair transplant center, which makes you feel good with the guru-faced employees who comfort you so much that I am going to tell you as one of you

With my love and respect KEREM

Kerem from Istanbul, Turkey

Date: 10.04.2018