Is Fue Hair Transplant Operation Painful?

Is Fue Hair Transplant Operation Painful?

Fue Hair Transplant is a process about collecting hair follicles from donor area and transplant collected follicles to bald area. This progress doesn’t involve any pain and you don’t hurt much.

In Fue Hair Transplant operation most of doctors use local anesthetic to numb the scalp area. This progress may be uncomfortable but because of local anesthesia you don’t feel any pain. Also Fue method is less painful then Fut method.

Pain level may change person to person of course but your doctor must have to arrange local anesthesia to patients pain level. Most of patients don’t feel any pain after local anesthesia progress.

How long does pain last after a FUE hair transplant?

Most patients pain continue for a few day. After the hair transplant using painkiller reduce the pain and after a few days all pain will be gone. Of course healing period may change person to person. But after 1 week all pain may gone.

In this progress most important thing is talking with your hair transplant surgeon. He or she may give you some advises to reduce your pain. Also he or she may give you different pills to reduce the pain. As we said before talking with your surgeon is very important.

Don’t forget you don’t feel any pain and all pain will be gone after 10 days if you feel pain while hair transplanting. You may feel little pain of course but this not a thing that make you give up. You don’t feel any pain in this progress it will be best choice you have ever made.

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