How to care your Hair Transplant?

How to care Hair Transplant?

You may hear of about hair transplant and may be you had started to surgery. There is a lot of questions for you. What you have to do before the operation? What you have to do or not to do after the operation. Here is an article for you to learn what you have to do after hair transplant operation.

  1. Caring your hair: You have to use these rules.

- Infection: You have to care your hair for infection. Use your antibiotics for example.

- Bleeding: Hair transplant is an operation with some blood lose but you have to be careful about it don’t use alcohol or aspirin like drugs for example.

- Scaring: Scaring is normal process don’t worry.

2) Sleeping position: Sleeping position is very important. You have to cover your transplanted area because in first 3 days you may lose some of your new hair. You can not sleep face off. It will be dangerous for your new hair. Also you can use 2 or 3 pillows it will help you to protect transplanted hairs.

3) Take your medicines.

4) Don't scratch your hairs. In first 3 days your transplanted hair is so voulnurable and don’t scratch your hair.

5) Washing your hair: Hair wash procedure would be told in the clinic you operated. Listen their word.

6) Avoid pools, seas or swimming

7) Direct sunlight. Direct sunlight is very dangerous for your hair. In that reason you have to be very careful.

8) Physical activity: After hair transplantation sporting activity is banned for 10 days. Just rest in that time.

9) Healthy diet: Healthy diet is very important because it helps you to heal quickly.