Hair Transplant Washing Procedure (Timeline)

Hair Transplant Washing Procedure


Day 1: Clinic Washing: You should come to our clinic after hair transplant operation to wash your hair. In first day we use medicines to antibacterial cleaning.

Day 2: On this day you don’t wash your hair. It's your dry day.

Day 3: Today you can wash your hair. First you use the lotion the your hand and after that use the lotiion transplanted area wiith tapping. After you use lotion wait for 1 hour than wash your hairs. You should wash your head but you should be gentle while washing. Use shampoo to the back of your head and lead small pieces of shampoo to your transplanted area. Small and soft movements are recomendable.

Day 4: On 4th day you use your lotion and wait for 1 hour. After using lotion wash your hair as before. 4th day is the same as 3rd day.

5 to 10 Days: You use your lotion and at least 5 hours. After 5 hours you should wash your hair as before. Please note that you should care transplant area like a baby, small and softh touches but after 5th day you can act more hard. Every day you should increase hardness level.

Day 10: You should change back to your normal shampoo. Take your picture and send us. We will investigate your photos and tell you your situation.