Hair Transplant Recovery Progress

Hair Transplant Recovery Progress

In this article we will tell you fue hair transplant recovery progress.

After hair transplant operation there will be a very fast healing progress. All scars will be healed in 7 days and all scalps will be falled in 10 days. There is an imporant step that needs shampoo and lotion that will give you. If you use your lotion and shampoo everything will be normal in 10 days. Also there is another important step that include using small massages to transplanted area. After 5th day you can use small massages and don’t forget to improve you massage power in everyday. If you obey these rules your hair will be normal in 10 days.

After 10 days you can turn back to your normal life.

First 4 months are a falling period. Your hair will fall and grow again in that progress.

Second 4 month period is regrow period. You can see your hair started to grow.

Last 4 month period is result period. You can see your hair is growed and you can see results of hair transplantation.

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