FUE Hair Transplant Progress

Hair Transplant Progress

If you want to make a hair transplant operation but you don’t of about procedure, we are writing this blog post for you. We will explain all progress in FUE Hair Transplantsurgery. You can find answers to “What is the hair transplant procedure?”, “What is the healing time of Fue Hair Tranplanplant?"

1) First stage is consolidation. In consolidation Dr. Gökhan Gür investigates your current hair. We use a camera that shows quarter of centimeters. In that progress we will see whish part of your hair is strong and which part of your hair is weak. After this there is a drawing your new hairline and making your hair transplant plan. You decide your hair transplant plan but we have to obey some rules. First and most important rule is your hair must seem so natural. Another important factor is density of your hair.

2) Second stage is local anesthesia. In this stage we use local anesthesia.

3) Third stage is collecting grafts. We use micromotor punch to collect your grafts. All of your grafts will collect one by one. There is most important factor is the frequency of collected grafts. If we collect grafts so close to each other there is gaps in your donor area. After collecting grafts your grafts we keep them in special solutions.

4) Fourth stage is opening canals. We use 1mm slit it is important because if we use bigger slits your hair don’t heal well. Also risk of your new hair drop will increase. We place one graft in one canal. This helps your hair seem natural. Also there some factor that are affecting this stage. a) Correct width b) Correct depth, c) Correct angle d) Correct speed. If all this stage completed very successfully your hair look like so natural and your barber can’t understand you had hair transplantation before.

5) Fifth stage is the replacing your grafts. This stage doesn’t need any aesthetic or medical knowledge. It’s a fabric stage. Because of that Dr. Gökhan Gür makes the first 4 stage. Our medical team makes the last stage.

Total operation time is 8 hour. Day after your operation there is clinical washing. Clinical washing takes 20 minutes. After your wash you can go to your home country.

Healing Period of Fue Hair Transplant Operation

Healing period is 9 to 12 months. In this time your transplanted hair will grow and fall. After that there is regrowing period. In that period your hair start to grow.

First 10 day is healing period. In tenth day your all scalps should be fall.

First 4 month is falling period. In 4 month your transplanted hairs will fall and rise again.

4 month to 8 month is regrowing period. In that time all of your transplanted hairs started to grow. In that time you started to see results of Fue Hair Transplant.

9 month to 12 month is result period. Your transplanted hair starts to like your normal hair.

9 to 12 month is result period. In that time you see result of operation. Your hair turns to normal and you will have a very natural hair.

If you choose us we promise you will have a so natural hair. Like 6000 of our patients you will continue your life with new hairs.