Fue Hair Transplant History

FUE was found an Australian dermatologist in 1999. It is a hair transplant technique applied by Woods. In fact, the method known as FUE, which has the potential to leave a trace on the back of the Strip Strip operation, has been a thrilling technique to lift this complication.

With the widespread use of the internet in the 2000s, the communication between the people who thinkfue hair transplantation and the practicing doctors has become faster and widespread. In this regard, Fue started to be heard among the patients who think of hair transplantation in technical hair transplantation.

Physicians like me also conduct research and development activities through this technique. These activities gave clear results. In Ankara 2003, when we started to practice FUE technique with the punclar which is used to get the hair root in 2003, which is the first hairline clinic based in Turkey, which is used to get the hair root produced by Mehmet Kovulmaz named designer.

At that time 500 - 600 grafts per day could only be collected with manual puch. We were transporting these grafts one by one using the stick and place method. Some of the patients were in operation five sessions over the top. Of course, this heavily functioning FUE technique was so tiring that patients were forced to anesthetize.

Nowadays, instead of the manual punch, we use a micromotor with a surgical instrument called punch. Since 2009, this stage is making Fue technique widespread. Thanks to the speed, it was possible to collect 3000 grafts within 1 hour. After this stage we are making FUE hair plantations in almost every corner. This stage brought a huge win over the FUT technique, but at the same time it started to be advertised as a "beauty salon practice", which is considered "normal" by everyone to do the technique. That was the bad side of it.

Whatever technique is used, it is more valuable to apply the technique well and know its medical and surgical bases better than to use the name of your technique. If you are doing FUT, do it well, if you are doing FUE then do well. If you are planting with a slit knife, good crop, if you are planting with round needles, also good crop. If you do well, there is actually no difference between the "well done" techniques in terms of the result.

In this context; Micro FUE, Innovative FUE, Organic hair planting is a type of marketing advertised on the internet, creating demand by loading the word difference into FUE process. There is no medical or surgical basis. Hair transplantation is a medical and surgical procedure. Patients should not be misled by adding a team name to the FUE method. The important thing is that hair transplant is done directly by the doctor, not the names or adjectives added to hair transplantation technique.

Hair transplantation is not just an active procedure performed on the day of surgery. The patient starts with the examination phase, continues with the operation day, continues with the examinations made with certain periods in the 8 month period until the result comes out.


I respect all the patients who think, want and investigate hair transplants with respect and love.

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