Does and Don'ts If You Have a Hair Loss

Every man has a baldness problem but some of them more unlucky. They mostly don’t know what have to stop hair loss. We know hair loss have some reason like poor diet, too much stress, genetic. If you lose your hair here are some does and not does. If you obey these rules your hair loss may be slowed down.

DON’T do!

10. Don’t panic when you have a hair loss. First of all you have to visit a hair expert. After seeing him he will say to you your hair loss reasons and he can give you treatment.

9. Hair loss is normal stage in mans and sometimes you don’t have to things because most of them is useless. A hair restoration doctor will help you.

8. When you have a hair loss you may be afraid of washing your hair. Don’t be! Your hair will fall as normal if you wash or not

7. Don’t use too much hair styling product because too much usage of them may a another reason of hair loss.


6. Dry your hair gently. Gently drying of your hair is helping you to lose less hair.

5. Longer hair makes hair weaken. If you want to strength your hair keep your hair short.

4. Less stress. Stress is a a-imporant factor of hair loss. You have to be less stressful.We know it is very hard but you can do something about your hobbies, go GYM or read book. These will help you.

3. Eat good because your hair need some Vitamins or minerals and if you don’t have these very well your hair don’t take enough vitamins or minerals and they will wall.

2. As we tell you earlier you have to visit a hair specialist first. If you buy something for your hair loss by yourself you may be lose you’re your money.

1. If you have serious hair loss there is only one solution for it. It is hair transplant and you have to think about it. We are specialized on FUE hair transplant. If you think hair transplant please contact us and we will do anything best for you.