Can Smoking may Affect Hair Transplant Results?

FUE Hair Transplant and Smoking

Smoking shrinks small blood vessels and decreases oxygen to tissues. Studies shows that I had to learn back in the 90s suggested that for facial plastic surgery, it's best to quit at least 10 days preop. Less important postop actually, but I'm virtually certain that after hair transplant surgery, hair gets revascularized by plasmatic imbibition, like skin grafts, and thus the hairs are trying to die for about 10 days. 

And if that isn't enough, in 23 years of surgery, we've had 1 facelift infection in nonsmokers and 1 hair infection in nonsmokers, and about 10 in each group of smokers. 

Also we sugget you to stop smoking after the operation for minumum 4 days.

You have stop smoking 1 day before the operation and after the operation we want you to stopsmoking at least 4 days. 4 day is healing period and your hair need more oxygen. If you stop smoking for 10 days it will be better.

So don't smoke.