Fue Hair Transplant to Istanbul, Turkey

Hair Transplant in Turkey

Turkey Hair Transplant is fast gowing sector and you should choose right partner. Istanbul's Hair Transplant sector there are a lot of opportunity for you from hair transplant prices to another advantages. 

Also there is beautiful clinics like us. You can have a amazing holiday and sussecful hair transplant operation in Istanbul, Turkey. You can turn your hair transplant operation to a  beautyful holiday.

You have to investigate hair transplant clinics in Turkey. For example ask the doctors name. Ask the doctor's role in the hair transplant surgery. He is a just observer or he is a part of the operation. Also you should ask doctor's medical lisance. If everything is okey you can talk with them and you can trust them. 

We are in Istanbul the beautiest city of Turkey. You can have your fue hair transplant operation and wonderful holiday at the same time. Dr. Gökhan Gür makes the hair transplant operation by himself. Also we take only one patient in one day. This makes our patients hair transplant operation better. We are private clinic and this may hava a lot of wonderful results for our patients.

In Turkey Fue Hair Transplant market we offer you best hair transplant operation, we guarantee you your transplanted hair look normal your barber can't understand it is transplanted and we guarantee %80 success rate. To take advantage of these amazing opportunity please contact us.

Planning Your Hair Transplant

If you are planning to come to İstanbul, Turkey for hair transplantation here are the steps you should take. We are one of the best hair clinics in Turkey.

1) Send your photos via online chat, whatsapp or e-mail.

Dr. Gökhan Gür personally consults your photographs.

2) Set the date for fue hair transplantation. We will have made a preliminary appointment to your history for hair plantation when we are in compliance. If you send us your copy of your flight ticket, we will notify you of your hair transplant date

We will give you the guidelines you need to look out for before the hair transplantation operation.

3) According to your fue hair transplant operation date. - we will make a hotel reservation the night before the operation, the night after the operation, the first wash after the operation. We will arrange airport-hotel-clinic transportations.

We wish you a nice travel to Istanbul,

Gur Hair Transplant.